September Pumpkin

pumpy© 2014 Michael Fiveson

Beautiful Pumpkin continues to be one of the great loves of my life. She will be ten on Halloween, and remains in very good health. Golden retrievers are very special dogs.

(click image for added detail and a kiss)

58 thoughts on “September Pumpkin

  1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll stay with you for many years yet. I’m terribly missing our Sally who left us for the eternal happy hunting grounds two weeks ago tomorrow. []
    Give Pumpkin a very sweet hug from me, please.


    • Well hell Pit, I’m real sorry to hear that. I did just read your post and have experienced much the same thing with pets in the past. They don’t stay forever so I am keeping Pumpkin close to us and will absorb every moment I can.
      Thanks for your thoughtful words and I’m sorry for your loss.


    • Ask Ivy to mark Oct 31 on her calendar and to feel free to contact Pumpkin on her birthday. Of course, Pumpkin will be busy hosting various dignitaries on her big day, but she will make room for Ivy.


    • We lost our previous dog 2 years earlier on her 15th birthday and it was time for another. Judy did quite a bit of research and after we settled on the breed, we looked for the right breeder. On Christmas day, 2004, she showed us 8 females she had left and they were over the top cute. Pumpkin was just a bit more attentive and as we were leaving we asked the breeder when our dog was born and she said “Oh she is a pumpkin, born on Halloween.”

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      • What a perfect story, I love that and thanks for sharing. Judy must have been over the moon. A new puppy for Christmas, I shall continue to dream. Mr B doesn’t plan another dog for us 😦 and it really must be a family affair.


      • Pumpkin was our last puppy. The energy and patience for that no longer exists, but she has blessed us every single day since. We are about to go on our daily walk with her. Perfect cool and sunny morning here.

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