23 thoughts on “Old Ranch

  1. My son and his family are leaving Fort Collins tomorrow for reaches far and wide. Sigh. I may never have an opportunity to go back there to visit. Now if I had a homestead like this, I might be tempted. 🙂 Maybe.


  2. I always dreamed of being one of those hardy souls back in the 1800s and would talk of it incessantly. My mom used to say that it wouldn’t be as great as I dreamed … that I’d smell and have no teeth 🙂
    Even still! I still wanted to do it … and photos like this make me know I was right!


    • That you would have found that exciting is absolutely consistent with my sense of you. So if you would have smelled, and everybody smelled, that would create a norm where the lot of you stinkers just kind of lived with each other.
      Me, I savor my weekly shower and know just how lucky I am.


  3. Hi Mike, you have a fine nose for places with a long gone history. Good portrait of an old homestead with the b&w reinforcing the feeling of times gone by. Also, this photo suggests color enough for a nice color version?


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