44 thoughts on “Firestone House

  1. I always wonder about those abandoned houses too and why no one takes them down before they wind up on fire or falling down on someone. But you see them all over the countryside. Not enough personnel to take care of the problem? They make interesting pictures …


  2. Few landowners take down buildings because it is time consuming and costly. What the owner should do is ask if a local fire department wishes to do a controlled burn practice for their volunteer unit. My bro-in-law in Nebraska says lots of people wishing to get rid of an eyesore or hazard, give a small donation to the town’s volunteer fire department to burn down a structure. Everyone benefits and no one gets hurt. Another possibility is if there are beams, windows or other wanted items, there are individuals – even out of state – who tear down or disassemble for the wood they can utilize and haul off, burn or bury what they don’t. Many times it’s at no cost to the landowner.

    But, it does make for interesting photography! 🙂


    • Good eye. It almost looks like the roof just cracked right at the middle. I wonder if a tree didn’t fall on it. As I’m driving down this beautiful and scenic road I turn a corner and get smacked in the brain by this sight.


  3. Poor house, trying so hard to stand up. Looks like someone removed an important support post. They should have practiced with Jenga first. I’ve never seen a house wrap with ‘Firestone’ paper, we don’t use that up north. It’d be called the Tyvek house here. I do like the dormer windows though and always wanted a writing desk in one….maybe next house.


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