38 thoughts on “Two Windows

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  2. Great place for a Halloween Party. The lace drapes lend a spooky air to it. I’m grooving on how the horizontal wooden siding contrasts with the Vertical shuttered windows..ying yang


  3. Love this shot. Been into windows lately (photographing them – not actually into windows…could get shot that way) – the stories they tell and hold. Your shot is another invitation to wonder about what stories this window holds. Thanks for sharing. Greg


  4. Amazing how many (presumably) deserted windows like this there are out there. I have an image very similar to this taken in (I think it was) Iowa!


    • I just drove through Iowa, twice, the entire length. Judy is from Iowa.
      Presumably indeed. If not renters than squatters, and beyond that I think souls are reflected in windows.
      And do I see new clothes on Napoleon? A badge on the hat as well. Get a sword.


      • Didn’t you have a photo with a suggestion of a ghostly image in the window? I seem to remember something like that!

        I did not draw the gravatar but I love it. It was given to me by Jorg of Monochromia. I was complaining that I don’t look good in hats so he drew three different hats on my original gravatar, then elaborated with this one.


  5. I was going to say that your commentary reminded me of how I’ve been feeling trying to catch up on everything after vacation … then again, I guess I’m not really rotting.
    Pretty cool shot, Mike.
    50 Shades of Grey, eh? 🙂


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