54 thoughts on “Sea and Clouds

  1. I’m sometimes afraid you are going to steal all the beautiful shots and there won’t be anything left for the rest of us. Then I wake up.


  2. Muey bonita hermosa ocean with white billowing clouds.
    May I ask you from one photographer to another, how did you get the copyright symbol on your photos?
    What software did you use?
    My Galaxy S Relay smart phone might do it for all I know!

    Keep shooting those great shots!

    Paulette Motzko


      • How did you do it on google? What did you say to the search engine?
        I have a lot of work ahead slapping that thing on my many photos.
        Most of the food shots are branded with my cooking site or other text.

        You are the bright spot in my day Mike. Trying to make the move from renting a room in a condo to having my own one bedroom nice apartment. Found the one, really nice for me.
        Now it is just paying the deposit, rental app, and organizing to move my furnishings from CA to NV.
        I have a good friend in LA who is gonna drive the moving truck for me.
        Know any good companies to hire men to move for pianos other than Labor Ready?

        Paulette Motzko


      • Paulette, is your question where did I find the copyright symbol that looks like this © ?
        If so, just copy and paste it with your name and save it to your desktop. Than use it when you want to include it under one of your photos.
        I do not know any good companies to hire men to move pianos. Sorry. Good luck with that move, it is always both exciting and a bit daunting when doing something so grand. Always feel free to drop me an email at m5son@comcast.net


      • Hey thanks Mike
        Your photo spoke to my heart and I am glad we met via WordPress.com
        Thanks for your email as well.

        It is gonna be pretty darn nice when all is said and done…I look forward to tomorrow when I meet Patrick & Carole the property managers. When I get done with the place, it will look like a page from a Better Homes & Gardens Magazine.
        It will be my 715 square foot oasis and palace.



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