43 thoughts on “Red Barn

  1. This photo reminds me of the barn behind my Grandparents home when I was young. It always leaned, but they kept using it. The cousins and I played in there too, feeling daring and edgy and adventurous. I can still smell the hay, see the dust in the sunlight filtering through the cracks in the wood and hear my cousin’s voices. What a great photo! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


    • The K10 and I had a period of confusion. Some factory settings had to be changed and I was using a faulty lens for a bit. All got sorted. Great camera which can be used for self defense if needed.
      Thanks James.


      • Good stuff. It was my first ‘proper’ digital camera and I got a bit confused with all the Menu choices – but soon got settled into it. A fantastic camera and good for whacking in tent pegs if you find yourself in the wilds without a mallet Have a great weekend Mike.


      • Aww, I love being called that … my friend Ralph uses that name sometimes and it warms my heart!
        And guess what? I had my 15th and possibly final procedure on my smile today!! 9 months to the day (minus 1) from the wreck. Woo Hoo!!


      • Good Laurie, I’m glad you are done with that nasty business. I have dental work next week and in addition to being expensive, I really hate it.
        Ride on, dry roads and many photo ops for you, Laurie Loo.


  2. Hey Mike, your images are awesome. Have you ever thought about selling them on a stock platform? I work for a photography company called EyeEm and we’d love to connect with you. 🙂 My email is cat@eyeem.com if you’re interested! Have a great day!


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