Red Barn

red barn© 2014 Michael Fiveson

A leaning and cracking barn in Michigan still finds something to smile about.

(click image for added detail)


43 thoughts on “Red Barn

  1. This photo reminds me of the barn behind my Grandparents home when I was young. It always leaned, but they kept using it. The cousins and I played in there too, feeling daring and edgy and adventurous. I can still smell the hay, see the dust in the sunlight filtering through the cracks in the wood and hear my cousin’s voices. What a great photo! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


    • The K10 and I had a period of confusion. Some factory settings had to be changed and I was using a faulty lens for a bit. All got sorted. Great camera which can be used for self defense if needed.
      Thanks James.


      • Good stuff. It was my first ‘proper’ digital camera and I got a bit confused with all the Menu choices – but soon got settled into it. A fantastic camera and good for whacking in tent pegs if you find yourself in the wilds without a mallet Have a great weekend Mike.


      • Aww, I love being called that … my friend Ralph uses that name sometimes and it warms my heart!
        And guess what? I had my 15th and possibly final procedure on my smile today!! 9 months to the day (minus 1) from the wreck. Woo Hoo!!


      • Good Laurie, I’m glad you are done with that nasty business. I have dental work next week and in addition to being expensive, I really hate it.
        Ride on, dry roads and many photo ops for you, Laurie Loo.


  2. Hey Mike, your images are awesome. Have you ever thought about selling them on a stock platform? I work for a photography company called EyeEm and we’d love to connect with you. 🙂 My email is if you’re interested! Have a great day!


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