28 thoughts on “Americana Home

      • Welcome back. I do occasionally help Al drive WHEN we aren’t driving two vehicles around. We’ll leave my Tacoma either here with daughter or in Phoenix with son. Between CO & AZ we drive separately. Having two vehicles has it’s pluses and minuses.


    • And to answer your question……the lush vegetation and woods on one side, dotted with farm property. On the other side is lake Huron with Canada north and east. Immensely gorgeous and it was the first time for Judy and Pumpkin. But the drive…..oh man did it kick my ass. Do you help Al drive?


      • We drove through Lyons yesterday and I thought of you and your lovely photography. Once you’re settled in and recovered from the drive, if you and Judy feel like meeting for lunch or drinks, let me know. We’re hanging around Westminster for a while 🙂


      • We do lunch regularly. How long do you imagine you’ll be in Westminster? And if you head north again, tell me. Nice Indian buffet in Longmont. I also have a real bar and serve up some nice things in Greeley.


    • I’m with Ingrid too. Hard to go wrong there.
      Thanks for being glad I’m OK. Dodging 18 wheelers with he and I both kind of weaving some, with maybe a foot of clearance. For 2700 miles. Scratch that off my to do list.


    • Barely survived, David. I keep forgetting I am as old as I am.
      Came home to a massive sprinkler system break….under heavy brick pavers. That repair will bring into focus my age.


  1. NICE 🙂 There are many of these around New England too. I think of them as classic farmhouses, but my cousin lives in one built 20 years ago in a subdivision in Maryland. I guess you can’t beat a classic design.


  2. I happily sit on that porch and watch the evening go by.
    In reading the comments, it sounds like the drive was tough … I hope the trip was worth it!!


    • Judy and Pumpkin loved it there. We survived the trip and tough things seem to take on a certain status as time moves on. Would I do it again? No.


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