15 thoughts on “Dream Warehouse

  1. We think all kind of old things are beautiful. How come we don’t find ourselves beautiful as we grow old? Maybe if we were tractors? Nice old factory and I do love what you do with black and white 🙂


    • You mean we aren’t tractors?….work, work, work. I actually have no idea what I look like but could guess based on others my age that I do see.
      As to our discarding older folks, I suspect part of that is cultural and this being America there are stereotypes and prejudices galore.


    • What a profound observation that we don’t find ourselves beautiful as we age compared to objects that man has made!! Wow – I’m going to be pondering this for a while!!


  2. Great title and thoughts on this one, Sir Michael of the USA. RE FB photo and your comment, I am so glad you think of Pumpkin when you go travelling and that you take her to visit her doggy mates. She deserves a break from all that human adoration, poor pup.


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