45 thoughts on “Two Steeples

  1. Ignore my previous request, Mike. I took Google by the hand and found the church and nine other historic buildings at Huron City. Now, I’m burning to visit that lovely place!



    • I love the K10, which also serves as a weapon if needed. I had some sorting out as to menu settings and modes but all is good now. I like it quite a bit and use a hand grip as I don’t want anything around my neck, again. The hanging in 1847 was quite enough of that, and I maintain the horse was purchased legally.


      • Glad you like it Mike.. my (rich) friend is a Pentax buff and has every dslr they make – he gets a new model everytime they bring one out. He says the K10d is the best and if he had to have only one it would be the K10d. You have a great camera there Mike.


  2. wow, I’ve never seen such! How cool!
    Are you all enjoying Michigan?
    I was out riding today and worked on a photo with you in mind. Not sure if you saw my last post or not, but I’m trying to imitate the works of my blogging buddies 🙂


    • Yes, Michigan is just gorgeous. Quiet, not too many people and just open beauty right up to the waters edge. Then a different kind of beauty.
      How is the new bike doing. How big is the engine? What does it weigh?


      • The bike is awesome! My Softail Slim has a 103 engine and with the parts I added, probably weighs 750+ lbs. The center of gravity is so nice and low and it fits me so well, that as long as I don’t drop it, it feels light 🙂
        Check out my blog today … you’re in there!


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