36 thoughts on “Dragon Cloud

      • I did have a K10D but I found it quite heavy (it is weathersealed)..I walked 27 miles in a day with it and a Pentax 70-300 and I nearly broke my back. I upgraded to a Nikon in December. But a cracking camera – would heartily recommend it (especially if you have medical insurance).


      • You can certainly feel the quality of it and the lens is superb (I know someone who prints 4 ft by 6 ft prints and there is almost no lack of quality). Mine became ‘smacked’ by me dropping it 10 onto a rock. Unfortunately it broke the focussing mechanism but it was put right (thanks to the insurance). You have got yourself a superb camera there Mike.


      • Thanks James. I gave my wife my IST DL and now we can share lenses and shoot together. You have any Pentax equipment left over you want to unload?


      • Sorry Mike, I sold the body and both lenses to my mate James. Shirl has absolutely no interest in photography…which is fine with me as I can get out of the house on my own for hours 😉


  1. A couple of years back, I started seeing dragons in every cloud. Every single cloud! Sometimes they looks like houses or ice cream or cups, but they still looked like a dragon too. All the time. It’s still the same with me even now.

    So it brought a smile to my face to see that you have found one of my dragons as well.



  2. yeah, I have to confess that my mind went the same direction as Jude’s. Perhaps it is my profession.
    You must be heading north and east soon, yes?


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