Well Chinked

well chinkedΒ© 2014 Michael Fiveson

An old log home has a rear addition that may well serve as a mud room. This timeless piece of Americana can still be found in the Colorado high country.

(click image for added detail)


34 thoughts on “Well Chinked

  1. Mike this is such a common addition to rural homes in my Canadian experience. That porch was a hub of action to be sure. Your photo takes me back as they often do. Thank you.


      • Mike on our farm it was where ‘the men’ came in from the fields to wash up before meals. My memories are the room being full of reports on what was happening out there. In early times it held the wringer washer, later an electric washer and drier. The phone also was in that room so sometimes the calls were for a neighbours help or urgent repairs. It held sick dogs, calves born too early, the location for soap making….lots of memories you brought to the surface today my friend.


      • I will go find it Sue. I disabled all new emails for posts I follow as I was just getting too many. As such I rely on my reader and my duty to go look. I fall asleep on duty, repeatedly.


      • No worries Mike. Truly. If it helps I decided a long time ago not to get email notifications for any of my blogs as it would make me nuts. I just see them in WordPress Reader. That way I can peruse without feeling overwhelmed by my inbox.


  2. I just take for granted that folks know what mud rooms are. I wish I had one in my current home … as it is, the kitchen floor is in constant need of sweeping.
    This cabin looks in good shape. Is it being used currently?


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