Mountain Meadow

mountain meadowยฉ 2014 Michael Fiveson

Some recent camping in Rocky Mountain National Park presented some great images that were hard to miss. Doing this after a holiday meant very few people and little congestion.

(click image for added detail)


64 thoughts on “Mountain Meadow

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      • We haven’t made final plans yet. We have to be in Denver for a niece’s wedding near the end of September and are hoping to get there at least a week early to do some hiking in the Rockies. Where do you live, might I ask? Or is that a secret?


      • I live in Greeley which is 50 miles direct east from the park. Our son lives in Denver, where he grew up. End of September is perfect in the low lands, and usually in the hills too. But it can get dicey in the mountains.
        I have no secrets. Well….


      • We are wondering what the weather might be like for a wedding at a ranch in Parshall at the end of September. We think the bride and groom are taking a chance as I believe Parshall is a couple hours north of Denver.


  2. A familiar view one never tires of. Did you see any bears? They are everywhere in the Canadian Rockies right now. There’s still lots of snow at upper elevations so they are wondering down with the cubs, looking for green pastures. On our news last night, they showed crazy tourists out taking photo’s of a mama grizzly and her two cubs at a golf course. Way to daring.


    • Those tourists are natures way of making sure the bears never starve.
      I did not see bears. Deer and elk, with bears and cougars scattered about.


  3. Ah, I sure do miss the west, in particular my favorite Northern Idaho. Such a pretty image of an incredible place … it’s been years, since I’ve been to Colorado, sadly


    • We will return there in late summer-late fall. Our next adventure takes us to lake Huron in Michigan. That is one of our “great lakes”, but you know that having lived in Canada, eh.


      • I have been to Lake Ontario once and another one – maybe Huron but I was young and can’t remember. Enjoy it Mike and I look forward to your pics


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