42 thoughts on “Spring Barn

  1. Another great photo that intrigues me. I lean forward to the screen wondering what lies beyond the partially open sliding door. Good morning Mike and Pumpkin too. 🙂


    • Pumpkin says woof, and my sweet Judy says “what am I, chopped liver?” No, she didn’t say that, that’s what makes her sweet.
      The barn, yes, what does lie beyond the door. Perhaps I’ll go take a peek, it’s not very far from me. If I suddenly stop blogging, then you know I have been pulled into that barn. That being the case, I enjoyed our interactions.


  2. I am so intrigued by your photos. You have a knack for presenting a mostly black and white photo with 1 colour featured – in this case the green. It makes your photos so striking.


  3. Always love your pics Mike – this is a beauty! The partly open door is intriguing – but I wouldn’t want to go in there!


  4. Mike, I was out on the new bike today (yes! out on the new bike today!), riding with friends along the Blue Ridge Parkway and it’s adjacent roads and towns, and I saw a barn that I know you would have loved! Sadly, I could only look and remember as I rode by, as I had to keep up with my buddies.
    I decided that if I’d had time to stop and shoot it, I would have named the post “The One’s For You, Mike”.


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