Dandy Pumpkin

pumpkin may 2014© 2014 Michael Fiveson

My big sweet dog likes to sunbathe, and if a few dandelions join her, no problem. She will be ten on Halloween and remains healthy and generally active. I love her very much.

(click image for added detail)


50 thoughts on “Dandy Pumpkin

  1. Sweet…we have just gotten one of my golden’s, Ginger, on meds for arthritis and it is like she is a whole new dog…she even runs now. It’s such a blessing to have healthy happy animals at your feet. (Or in your lap, your bed and your car…)


  2. Your “big sweet dog” Pumpkin is a ringer for my big sweet dog, Carrie, my beloved white faced Golden lost to old age some time ago. Your photos make me want to jump through cyberspace to give Pumpkin a huge hug. How lucky you are to have each other.


    • I’m sure you miss Carrie in a significant way. I will get down on the floor later and tell Pumpkin how nice you are and about a white faced sweetie named Carrie.


  3. It’s not obvious you really love your Pumpkin! 😉
    This is the first time I could actually read her collar with her name on it! The big red heart is so appropriate for a lady 🙂


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