Robin’s Nest

robin nestΒ© 2014 Michael Fiveson

I have two nesting robins at my house. This one has chosen a nest on my gutter downspout and the other is in an aspen tree in my front yard. I think it’s very cool.

(click image for added detail)


62 thoughts on “Robin’s Nest

  1. We have a nest that’s right above our front door. As much as I love the birds and if I owned my house instead of renting, I probably wouldn’t be so bent over it. They have shat all over my front door and rug, and it’s really gross. I do get amazing shots of the nests, and when they hatch its nice to hear them chirping. Altho’ last year, there were 12 crammed in the nest and 3 died, that was kind of icky too. so is it a fair trade off? The jury is still out on this. Good luck with your birdie friends! πŸ™‚


  2. I had a robin build a nest in the decorative light fixture of my garage. It apparently abandoned the nest because of me so inconsiderately using my garage and constantly opening and closing the door. Probably a good thing because when I used the outdoor lights one morning, it set the nest on fire, which is how I discovered a robin had built a nest in the decorative light fixture outside my garage.


  3. They used to nest on our back deck. The only problem was they got mad at us if we needed to go out through the back door — which leads onto the deck. So while they were nesting and until the nestlings flew away, we couldn’t use the back door. They never understood “sharing space” — or that it actually was OUR space. But they were nonetheless, welcome visitors. This year they seem to have chosen somewhere else. First time in 3 years we don’t have a nest. Love your picture. Say Tweet for me πŸ˜‰


    • Well here is the rest of the story. After the nest appeared I found a perfect white bird egg while walking my dog. I cupped it gently and brought it home and put it in that nest. So I will certainly go see if it is still there and when the baby birds appear there might be one of a different species, which would make me a mad scientist, or a friend of nature.


  4. This is great. When we moved into our house, the previous tenants left a fake tree. We put it out on the rear patio and one day there was a hummingbird nest in it. Of all the trees and bushes in our yard, this hummingbird chose a fake one! It was great to watch the mother sitting in the nest, then feeding them as they hatched. What a find. And you have two nests to watch- oh, and I might say, clean up after! Enjoy!


    • We have been in this house 15 years and it is the first time we have nests that are accessible. I won’t bother them other than some photos. I took one today of the posted nest and there are 3 eggs in it, including the one I put there. Very cool stuff and maybe tomorrow’s post.


  5. How wonderful, Mike! You must have given her a sense of security and trust for her to nest so close . She has the look of a fierce and protective mother. I love all your creature shots. This one is special, though, isn’t it?


    • It is special, thank you, and there are more to come. One of the eggs in that nest is one that I found. Her two eggs (so far?) are a gorgeous blue and there is the white one I placed. I have a few photos I’ll probably post tomorrow, with the story of the egg I found.


  6. So … what happened with the one white egg??
    Check the next post, LB! (right?)
    and I do think that there are an awful lot of cat posts!


  7. We had a robin nest in a motorcycle helmet in our shed one year !
    How lucky you are Mike to be able to observe these at such close quarters πŸ™‚


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