35 thoughts on “Old Loo

  1. Wonderful! Sit in there on that imaginary toilet, with the imaginary door closed (the imaginary door with the half-moon in it), Peek up through the slatted ceiling at the stars and ponder life and the universe.


  2. It’s the spiders that get me. You can’t really do your thing when there are giant crawlie things sharing your space. That brought back memories. A light of memories. Too many memories. That must mean it’s a good picture.


  3. I can hear the creaking of the old door opening and in this case falling off. Really like the effect of the light from the holes in the roof shining on the walls.


  4. I love the light coming through the slats in the wood … believe it or not, this one looks better than some porta pohns I’ve used at VT Football games 🙂


    • Porta potties are nasty things. That is where I learned to hold my breath for extended periods of time. That led to establishing 7 world records for free diving (without equipment.) Now when I really need some alone time I can just jump into the nearest deep lake or ocean.


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