Sweet Horse

sweet horse© 2014 Michael Fiveson

A large and muscular horse enjoys some sweet spring grass on a lazy Colorado day.

(click on image for added detail)


31 thoughts on “Sweet Horse

  1. Great angle! And the horse let you take a picture. Wow. Whenever I try to sneak up on them, they immediate stick their nose in my lens and point out on no uncertain terms that they expect at the very least, a carrot.


    • This one was ok and made like I wasn’t there and kept on munching. He was so muscular and was not at all concerned with me. To bad too, as I would have liked a snuggle.


  2. I saw a lovely article on last night’s news about a rescued race horse who is now a police beach patrol equine officer. Was thinking about that horse minutes before this showed up in my inbox. Horses are wonderful, are they not?


    • They are simply breathtaking and possess a quality that I struggle to define. The mix of power, beauty, and grace is something to behold. Spiritual is what they are.
      I do hope that they don’t make that rescued race horse wear a uniform.


    • Yeah, that meadow is close enough to my home that I know you are right. Some crazy stuff going on here. I had to re-winterize my motorhome this morning. That will change in 2 days, but for now it’s just bizarre.


    • Thanks James. There are parts of Colorado that are stunning, and I encourage you to visit. No ocean here, but open spaces and wonderful mountains, streams, forest, and wildlife.


  3. Thanks for bringing beauty to our Readers! Hello Mike … so you’ve had snow? I’ve been celebrating birthdays, life, and friendships this past weekend and am just now catching up!


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