Plains Market

plainsΒ© 2014 Michael Fiveson

Found in an old dying town in northern Colorado is a painted sign for a tiny store that is still open. I wonder what the sign above this one once said. You can still see some very faded lettering, which is enhanced in black and white. Food and liquor, in a dying town. Why not.

33 thoughts on “Plains Market

    • I used to love egg creams.I bought a girl a ring for 10 cents and rode by her porch on a bicycle and she was outside and I threw her the ring and kept riding. 2nd grade,1956. I would carry her books to school and loved her. I still remember her name.


  1. Today were announced results of a study proving that drinking beer improves arthritis. I think if you drink enough beer, you don’t notice one way or the other. Let’s here it for BEER!

    I think they only call them egg creams in New York. Everywhere else, they are phosphates or some other thing. Were there ever eggs in egg creams?

    Great picture πŸ™‚ I love wall painted signs.


    • Hi Sue. I wonder too about the bold liquor letters. Perhaps they only recently started selling liquor. It was a tiny store and we did not go in.


      • Good guess on why the letters look bolder. There was a little store like this where I grew up and the inside was a jumble of absolutely everything, including liquor. As a kid so fascinating to wander in.


  2. We all need food and drink, even in the smallest of towns! I love this little bit of history – it will disappear eventually, so it is important to document things before they do. Lovely shot, and thought provoking.


  3. When it snows around here, folks go for bread and milk. Me? Snacks and beer (or wine / liquor). This store has almost all I need πŸ™‚


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