beware© 2014 Michael Fiveson

The owner of this home knows enough to warn those approaching by placing a sign in the window. Perhaps it is the ghostly images in these windows that necessitate the warning.

(click image for added detail)

41 thoughts on “Beware

    • Well the house is falling apart, no doubt about that. Perhaps the county put 412 on it and it is code for soon to be vacated and demolished.
      Hi Amit.


  1. The small sign is a bit creepy I have to say! Very frightening at first glance Mike. What does the 4D represent? As always your photo is more than a picture but tells a story.


    • Well you were just looking at a photo while I was right up against the house and trust me, the sign (in color) was hard to miss. I appreciate the comment, thank you.

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