Creeping Phlox

creeping phlox© 2014 Michael Fiveson

“Say what,” I asked, not once but twice. I thought my lovely wife was calling me something bad when I asked her the name of this flower. Then I remembered she is way too sweet.

(click image for added detail)


36 thoughts on “Creeping Phlox

    • Do let me know if a coffee snort clears the sinus as my wife (the one who is too sweet to call me names), and I are both beat up by allergies this time of year.

      I shoot the phlox
      and get the pox
      my airways locked and bound
      perhaps a snort thru the sinus, eh
      will loosen me up and return the day


  1. What the heck is going on? First Stuart Hyde is taking photos of flowers, then you. I’ve got to check out what Joe is shooting. Maybe there are still some real men left in this world. And No one cares about your drippy sinuses. Just suck it up! Oh, wait, that was Sue with the drippy sinuses. Sue, be a man!


  2. Ha ha ha! Sometimes the comment section here is just as entertaining (or moreso) than the post itself. You crack me up… and so do many of your followers. Oh, and I’m with Jude; phlox on frocks would be just right for this country girl!


  3. True story: LA had a very warm winter so it seemed that everything that might have bloomed over a period of months just popped all at once. Like when all the fireworks get set off by a single spark. Plus, it was all in stark contrast to the misery of a cold, snowy winter in the rest of the country. So I snapped a shot of every bloomin’ thing I passed. Scattered ’em through blog posts. And really flooded my Instagram with flowers galore. One day, I noticed I had a new follower on IG. Turned out to be a sales pitch. For TESTOSTERONE SUPPLEMENTS. Wow. That’ll shrivel a guy’s interest in pretty things… but not for long.


    • You are as funny as you are bright. The weather is very strange everywhere. We are in big trouble. Might as well juice up in the meantime 😉


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