Red Nibbler

red nibbler© 2014 Michael Fiveson

As much as I wanted Red to come over and say hello, he was behaving like a horse in a fresh spring meadow. The nibbler was quite content to eat and eat some more.

(click image for added detail)


38 thoughts on “Red Nibbler

  1. So beautiful! To be honest, I have only ever ridden a horse once, as they’re not that common in my part of the world, but to me, they always look so noble and intelligent. And I am a fan of Dick Francis books so I am fascinated all the more by horses. Red looks like a horse I would want for a friend. 🙂


    • Someone once said that a fat horse is much preferred to a skinny one. If they didn’t say that they should have.
      What do they call a bar and grill for horses? Shrub Pub.


  2. This is what I call an enchanting look into a horsey world. I love to look at horses in fields. In fact I once had two horses who wound up being lawn ornaments since I found numerous excuses not to ride. They lived to be very old – one was 32! There is something to be said for early retirement.


    • Wow, a 32 year old horse. They must have loved you very much. I want a lawn ornament just like that, but alas just a regular residential lot here.


  3. I’m hoping I’m not the only person in the world who’s rather a bit afraid of horses. They’re really big and I guess I just never grew up with any exposure to horses.
    Having said that, what a great picture! Love the contrast of colours 🙂


    • Horses can be scary, and I always approach them with caution. My experience is that they will tell you if they want company by coming over, or not.
      My 85lb golden retriever, Pumpkin, is absolutely freaked out by them. It’s like she just can’t process how big they are.


    • Why Katherine, whatever for. You have lovely long and full hair, no matter the color. You are that girl in the nursery rhyme about the cute girl with a cute little curl, right in the middle of her forehead.


      • My first love was a horse. 🙂 Then my grandpa cured me by loaning his horse-crazy granddaughter a horse that required a choke bit and reared at every ground hog hole! The horse I learned to ride on previous to that therapy-inducing experience was soft, beautiful, and gentle with a canter like silk. Sigh.


      • That sounds almost traumatic, as if there are life lessons to be learned by managing a spooky horse. Oh Grandpa!


    • Mike be good, except for an old spine which includes bulging discs, a loose piece floating around, and a herniated disc. Stiff, sore, quick to bind up without movement. Athletics and age. But nothing has appeared that is killing me, yet.
      It’s all good.


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