26 thoughts on “Frozen Lake

    • Unless you are a skier or snowboarder, the winter here is no picnic. This photo was the highlight of this past winter.
      But your generous comment is not lost on me. Thanks, Emilio.


  1. Mike what a stunning contrast to the photo in color from Jan 19th post. The black and white adds the feeling of the frigid water. I’m with Emilio, another amazing shot.


    • Thank you. Lands and title for you. You will be contacted by one of my lords in the near future. In the meantime, please continue life as it is.


  2. I really like the composition of the photo, at the same time of looking “cold”, it also looks “apocalyptic”


  3. Great capture Mike! Well breathed upon by your editing magic and gifted vision for unique shots bro!
    Sorry I haven’t visited in awhile Mike but I wanted to say Thanks for checking in with me at the Hill~Peace, John.


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