44 thoughts on “White Shed

  1. The bike could mean a kid, the shed should have contained the bike. Lazy kid did not put the bike away. The kid is now forty, someone get in touch with him to put the bike away.


  2. Mike you’re doing a lot of sheds recently I notice. Have you upgraded from a door-whore to a shed-whore?!! Lovely pic with the old bicycle and the speckled blue of the flowers amongst the grass. 🙂


  3. Great find and shot Mike. It looks like the shed was sided from whatever they had lying around (a real yankee), and the bike is the icing on the cake homey 🙂


    • Agreed. Another blogger suggested that a closer image with just part of the shed and much more bike might work well and I agree. I had the right lens on me to do it too.


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