Old Wagon

old wagon© 2014 Michael Fiveson

Like a museum piece, this old wagon stays put as it slowly erodes, lost in time.

(click on photo for added detail)


37 thoughts on “Old Wagon

  1. Good Morning Mike. Imagine the trail of marks in the ground the tread on those tires would have made. One could see the pattern missing now and again with a piece fallen off from tireless hours in the field. Another photo that draws me home to my roots. Thank you.


  2. It had a life,that maybe some remember. I hope the once useful wagon continues to erode at its own pace. And when it’s really gone, maybe it will live on in your photo forever.


  3. Coming from an agricultural background–I always try to figure out the purpose of antiquated pieces of farm machinery. This could be an old horse-drawn manure spreader. Or something to spread hay or straw? It has a conveyor to move material to the back.


  4. I like the subject and the processing. Someone said a hint of color. But did you also add a tint? Whatever you did, it is definitely different and catches the eye!


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