cattails© 2014 Michael Fiveson

Last season’s cattails have gone to seed and are soon to be replaced by a new crop. This rebirth is welcomed with much enthusiasm. Life is good.

(click on image for added detail)


29 thoughts on “Cattails

  1. Great shot Mike. One fall my Dad picked some cat tails for my Mom out in the field. He put them under the farm truck seat and forgot all about them…until the next spring when going over a big bump while driving they exploded in the cab of the truck. When I see cat tails like these in your beautiful photo I can’t help but smile.


  2. Years ago, I cut a big patch of cattails off the shoulder of I-25, not far from where I live. A State Patrol trooper stopped by to see what I was up to. She said I was probably saving a highway maintenance crew some work. Gave her a few cattails for her time.


  3. Life is indeed good and this photo is great! I don’t know enough about processing but I love those colors and the contrasts between the cat tails and sky.


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