April Pumpkin

april pumpkin© 2014 Michael Fiveson

There are people who love their dogs as much as I love Pumpkin, but none who love them more. Pure and unconditional, sweet beyond measure, and so pretty is Pumpkin.

(click image for added detail)


56 thoughts on “April Pumpkin

    • Pumpkin loves to have her picture taken. She is a starlet. Nice to hear from you Lori. Enjoying your great weather this time of year, I would guess.


  1. Beautiful looking dog, Mike! I can tell she is a great and loyal friend. My parents dog recently passed away after 17 years! A long happy life. This photo makes me smile.


    • Thanks Mike. 17 years is a nice long life for a dog. I’m guessing that it was a smaller dog, eh? Pumpkin is in good health but at 9 1/2 she is, like me, a senior.


  2. I look forward to the day when we can get a dog. There are certainly many full-timers who travel with animals but we still have many national parks to visit and they do not allow dogs on the trails so we don’t think it is fair to an animal until we settle down a bit. But when I see pictures like Pumpkin above, my heart skips a beat.


  3. I was excited to see the title, knowing that a new photo of Pumpkin would be posted. Mike, this is one of my favorites! and is that sun back there? 🙂


    • That sun is back here. Today was 78 degrees and a friend and I had a really good motorcycle ride, which included harvesting images.
      I will pass on to Pumpkin your warm thoughts.


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