Past and Present

wooded© 2014 Michael Fiveson

A tree that has succumbed to the elements is now a quiet reminder of times past.

(click image for added detail)


45 thoughts on “Past and Present

  1. I love the way you framed the clouds in between the trees, the “infinity look”, and of course the stump of the tree. My eye was pulled immediately to the sky and I had to take a double take to see the tree. I have a way of “looking up”. (smile) Mornin’, Mike!!!


    • Hi Amy. This shot was taken yesterday while on a family hike, including my big doggy Pumpkin. Glad you like it. It’s always great fun to see what I have and do some creative editing.
      Nice to hear from you, have a good Sunday. Make a memory or two, why don’t you.


      • Funny thing you said that, Mike. A friend of mine is grieving and out popped a poem from my heart, which I plan on posting probably tomorrow. Then the magic happened. I went out yesterday to take some pics (to match with the poem), BUT what I had planned on shooting, BLAHZVILLE. “Something” guided me to poke amongst the leaves I have covering some of my plants, and I found TREASURE. The photos that I have bring with them a sense of humbleness and awe. I concentrated on capturing magic, yet Mother went beyond what I could do, and gave me even more. Just incredible. Nature does not EVER cease to amaze me, Mike.

        Have a GREAT Sunday! GRIN!!! xx Amy


  2. The roots of the toppled tree are like a history map of it’s life. Years of creative search for water and nutrients. Lovely tunnel like perspective toward the end of the trees as well. Good Morning Mike!


  3. My eye was drawn straight down the tunnel then up to the foreboding sky and finally fell back to the trees and the roots of the fallen one. Once again you’ve created an image that is not easily passed over.


  4. Your photo looks so 3D, like the back drop of a great stage production. I like how there’s so much life in the sky even though it’s background and I can almost count each blade of grass in the foreground, very cool composition. Have you ever seen a program called, “Ancestors In The Attic”? They do this very cool thing in the intro where the host walks thru an actual vintage photo. He strolls down lanes, through a war zone or stands on the porch of an old house. Somehow they take a one dimensional photo and make it very 3D. Your photo here reminded me of that.


  5. I agree with Mike Bancroft. This is hauntingly beautiful. I love the way it stretches back to what looks like an archway between the trees. It adds to the mystery.


      • My first thought was, “Good lord, no!” That was a very difficult year for me, and I wouldn’t want to do it again, but I wouldn’t change it because it would change everything I know today (including my grandchildren because their father came to being that year). But if I could go through and be 15 again in another way for a short time, just to experience what 15 should feel like (without, well, just without), and then come back through as I am now with everything still in place… I would be very tempted. Very tempted indeed.


      • Yeah, 15 is a difficult age and it sounds really rough for you.
        When I was 16 I failed ALL my subjects two report cards in a row. A sea of red ink. But I had a lovely girlfriend and was skilled athletically. I’d go back to 21, meet my wife again (same one I’m still married to), and love her for an additional lifetime.


  6. Your comment above to Robin is probably one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen a man write about his wife. Wow.
    Your photo is also beautiful. Like others have said, the trees outlined against the dark sky captured my eye.


  7. A perfect representation of nature and living things benefitting from decomposition! Those clouds are awesome – especially behind the tree silhouettes.


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