31 thoughts on “Farm Complex

    • We are waiting for a little rain, probably mixed with wet snow. Tomorrow I think. In my town there are feedlots out east and with a little rain there is a smell that is like being in an outhouse, or a ….feedlot.


      • The very best smell I ever encountered was in Canada when I was 12 and in summer camp outside of Brampton, Ontario. Like clean laundry, must have come from the trees. I took my wife and son there in 1996 and while the camp was largely gone, the land remained and so too did that smell. Overwhelmingly sweet and delicious. I associate it now with freedom and discovery.


  1. Plowing will soon come along, certainly by the end of the month.

    About scents:
    Feedlot, that’s a special aroma, especially when it’s stock show time in Denver. Big city folk not quite used to it.
    Barn, it’s very overpowering the first time.
    The fresh and sweet, can’t beat that scent in the early morning, after a thunderstorm the night before.


    • I’m quite ok with the smell of a barn. A feedlot stink on the other hand just reeks. Here they call it the smell of money. I call it the smell of poo poo.


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