Riderless Wagon

riderless wagon© 2014 Michael Fiveson

Tumbleweeds have taken residence around an old wagon where time and wind both are companions. A rock has been set in place to prevent this beauty from rolling along.

(please click image for added detail)

53 thoughts on “Riderless Wagon

  1. Well, we meet again. 😉

    This image is incredible. I LOVE the feel of it, and the way you composed it using sepia makes it a winner all the way around. The rustic feeling you were going after, you nailed!!! Thank you!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


      • Northern Colorado. As a kid I lived briefly in Toronto but grew up in NYC.
        I thought you may have felt your space invaded and I don’t want that.
        OK, I’ll be there tomorrow. Do you have a guest room?


      • Mike, my space is never invaded when it comes to you. You are a JOY to me. OK?

        You are welcome. One prob. No spare bed, just a couch and I have many cats. No wait. You could stay in the barn. It’s clean, just built, no heat though, so you would have to bring a cot and a very warm sleeping bag. No electric and definitely no plumbing. Tee Hee. My life is more or less over run with cats and plants. Somehow I like it that way.

        Perhaps the garage? You could sleep in the car. LOL Your choice. 😉


      • Thanks Amy. I’ll just be me now. I find that I’m the best me there is.
        I always wondered about life in the car. Truth is, I have a 37 ft motorhome, so life in that is somewhat enhanced. But to hang out with you I will sleep standing up, so as not to take up very much space. Just don’t be scared when you see me leaning up against a wall, all zombie like.


      • LOL You are too much. Honestly. The mold was broken when you were born, Mike, and that is the truth!!! I have such a huge grin on my face, and I hope you know that you are the reason why. (((HUGS))) and THANK YOU! I’ll bring that energy with me to the gym today and have myself one heck of a work out! Courtesy of Mike JOY.


  2. The tumbleweed says it all Mike. Another beautiful shot.
    I will confess that as awesome as your photos are the conversations in the comments section are almost as good. 🙂 A pleasure to eavesdrop and better yet to chat.


    • And you, my articulate and worldly friend are most appreciated and certainly welcome.
      (insert Scottish accent here): Aye, and would you be having a nice day then? You’re a fine Canadian lass, bright and true you are. (end accent here)
      Today I’m feeling it. There are days that sparkle. Thanks for helping that along Sue.


      • I am laughing out loud Mike. Perhaps I will be so fortunate to one day meet you in person. Till then I look forward to our blog conversations and my learning from scouring your photographs.
        I am having a great day. Back home, just picked up my bike from it’s spring tune up and the sun is desperately fighting off the next forecast of snow.


  3. I love it that you are capturing old and abandoned things and giving them new life and attention. That beautiful old wagon deserves more than tumbleweeds and wind for company.


    • There is another wagon real close to it. I don’t know that they talk when no one is around, but I don’t know that they don’t either.
      Thank you. More to come.


    • It was used for courting. Johnnie Muntz used to visit miss Lilly Mae Perkens, the school marm who as rumor had it was something altogether different with just a wee bit of moonshine in her.


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