Farm Building

farm building© 2014 Michael Fiveson

A fine old and textured building appears to have numerous uses, including garage. This is a celebratory post for me as I was on my motorcycle, having survived winter, yet again.

(please click on image for added detail)


63 thoughts on “Farm Building

  1. Yippee for the resurrection of the bike! Now let me check here….yes still snowing. Enjoy the open road on my behalf. This lovely photo looks like a black and white sketch to me. Very artistic.


  2. I’m always amazed by your black and white images. This one seems to transcend everything that I’ve seen previously. You’ve surpassed yourself. Have I ever told you that I want to be you when I grow up? Except, that might be a problem because I don’t ever want to grow up.


      • No Mike :-), I don’t think Sir is an honour they seem to bestow on photographers here. They should. The great David Bailey has only managed a CBE, Mick Jagger on the other hand is a Sir along with a whole bunch of other ‘celebrities’ :-/ Hmm.
        Patrick Litchfield who photographed Prince Charles’ and Princess Diana’s wedding in 1981 and was a very talented photographer was a Lord but being the queen’s cousin had more to do with that than his photography.


      • In my home you will be known as Sir Chillbrook, and that lovely farm building is yours, along with 1 tractor and 2 milking goats. I’ll be over for cheese and tea, late May.


  3. I really like this shot, Mike. That’s a beautifully weathered building. Congrats on surviving winter, and yay! for being out on your motorcycle. 🙂


    • Thanks Angeline. I have been out of wall space for some time but maybe this one does end up in a frame, possibly at my son’s house where I recently finished a project involving 6 photos.


  4. Glad you were able to get the bike out. Let’s hope winter is behind us. We’ve had to delay our departure from Phoenix – high winds all around and Flagstaff rain/snow….yikes. Thursday should clear and we’ll be heading into Utah and back into CO in a few weeks…..miss my mountains 🙂


    • Yeah, it was crazy windy here today and I think I heard something about some snow tomorrow, but as far as I’m concerned winter is done and gone. Big bitch that she was.
      Getting on my big bike again is an absolute joy. Always nice to hear from you, Ingrid.


  5. Hi Mike! I’ve been out of town and am just catching up. This photo looks almost like a pen and ink or pencil drawing. One of my favorites of yours.
    ANNDDDDD!!!! You were on the bike! So happy for you!!


      • Yes, that is the plan. I may have mentioned this already (so shut me up if so), but as my brain has healed and my mind clearer, I have realized that I react a bit too strongly when faced with vehicles pulling out in front of me. I am working on calming that reaction. I hope to test ride later this month and hopefully be on the new bike in May. I still have several procedures to go through on the dental restoration so working on that as well! Okay … that was more than you asked for, huh? 🙂


      • No, it was a great and comprehensive answer that let’s me know where you are at physically and emotionally. I can’t wait to hear about your bike and see photos as well.


    • Thanks for liking the picture and for being gracious enough to comment. As to winter….the older I get, the less of it I want. Oh well, I’m healthy enough to complain.


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