Flood Children

flood children © 2014 Michael Fiveson

Many of you will remember the terrible floods that occurred in Colorado mid September, 2013. This is one of many images pulled from a mobile home park, a month later.

This sad lawn ornament, caked with mud, sits on an abandoned blanket. A spice jar has floated onto it. Ruined homes and damaged lives. And all we take for granted.

(click image for added detail)

15 thoughts on “Flood Children

      • Good Morning Mike! Well thankfully although there have been challenges we are not facing such health hazard issues. Currently there is massive work being done on reinforcing river banks. Fingers crossed it all holds come spring.


      • Sue, we are on the precipice of a world in ruin. With the ice caps melting well beyond worst case scenarios and industrial emissions on the rise, entire cities will be swamped and crops will fail. Our local flooding is just a foreshadowing.


  1. It is always amazing what survives amidst disaster. It is sad to think of what the owners of these items lost and/or had to leave behind. Have a great week Mike!


  2. Somewhat familiar with the area from my days as a wildland firefighter… it’s sad that people downstream from the upper flaking crust in the hills are marginalized by careless and unscrupulous development down in the lowlands.


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