Pretty Pumpkin Posing

Pumpkin poser© 2014 Michael Fiveson

Putty nosed Pumpkin has always known my camera, and combined with her desire to please, she is not hard to photograph. Here she has just finished napping.

(click image for added detail)

48 thoughts on “Pretty Pumpkin Posing

  1. Beautiful Pumpkin. I love the configuration of white on her face. It’s so perfectly drawn as if it’s painted that way. The arch above her eyes makes them expressive too. She’s so lovely. Look at that coat, on an older dog at that! She’s a joy, I know. Hugs, Pumpkin. A belly rub too, if you like! 🙂 (No lewd wisecracks allowed, Pops…)


    • Pumpkin eats up all your words and she gets it all, belly rubs included. At night when she is asleep I sometimes get on the floor with her and kiss that snout. I rest my face close to her and we breathe on each other, looking deep into our eyes. I hold her paw or rub her ear when this is happening. It is very real.


  2. Oh Pumpkin let me jump through the screen and give you a big snuggle. I love the white on her face which looks like a heart to me. I am certain she has a big part of your heart Mike.


  3. Pumpkin looks just like my Golden Carrie. We had another golden at the same time who was a redhead named Peaches. I still ache for them both. How lucky you are to have each other.


    • I know the ache and I also know that when pumpkin is gone, so too will be part of me. I tear up just writing this. But you are right, she has a great life and has added so much to ours. I wish I had a Golden years ago, but I really had no idea.
      Thanks for this heartfelt comment.


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