42 thoughts on “Mining Town Home

  1. Thanks to your expert touch, it looks so dignified….proud of its history…full of beautiful memories.


  2. Very cool shot (as always), Mike! We really enjoy your photos. Speaking of Mining towns, we haven’t really hit any for the blog. Any suggestions for some beginners new to the concept? We’re good on hiking and exploring, but just don’t know where to start!


  3. Beautiful, Mike. I thought you had actually found a live mining town until I read the comments. That house was definitely built to last. Any idea how long it’s been deserted? Or is it?


  4. That wisp of cloud barely visible between the trees makes me wonder if it was a beautiful western sky that day. My house is surrounded by trees also, but they are all hardwood, not these beautiful conifers.
    That chimney is great as is the screened porch. Nice shot, Mike!
    Happy St Patty’s day, by the way. Any green beer to be had later on today?


  5. This is gorgeous when it’s enlarged. I like that you provide a high-res link so we can see the images better. I love the rather awkward masonry and the picket fence in contrast with the heavy stones. Interesting folks built this house. And the trees! Oh, the trees in the background! Beautiful image, Mike!


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