iridescent© 2014 Michael Fiveson

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57 thoughts on “Iridescent

      • I haven’t spent any cold time in Colorado, but we lived in Eugene, OR. for a couple of years. Certain mornings, when the overnight fog had frozen on every surface, the sun would come up and hit the ice that was everywhere. It was like everything was coated in sparkling diamonds. That’s what your shot reminded me of.

        Did you do any filtering or color correction to get that blue tint on the ice, or is that the true hue?


      • Yes, there was a bright hue that gave a golden effect and I manipulated the color some to be what you see here, that does look icicle like. Originally it was a late fall photo.


  1. At first I was going to ask if you had manipulated the photo at all but that seems to have been answered in the comments. With how much I’ve been playing in Lightroom lately, my position on post processing is that the “artist” should be allowed to use whatever is at their disposal in order to present a work they are happy with. which has nothing at all to do with your photo- which is nicely done. Alien- like. And spooky!


    • Alien like is my take as well. And I agree, art allows for some creative license and to be able to do that digitally allows photographers into the world of art in ways previously unavailable. Thank you for this thoughtful comment, Emilio.


  2. Your photo reminds me to an area in the World of Warcraft game. There is a forest calle “Crystalsong forest” in that phantasy game. You can type the forest name into google image search to see what I mean, in case you are interested to know what the image reminded me to. The blue violet tone in your photo makes it really look similar. I like your photo 🙂


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