Rock My World

002© 2014 Michael Fiveson

I have been polishing rocks, off and on, for forty years. During this time I have found some  beauties. Many of these have been picked off the beach and arrive after years of tumbling naturally in oceans far and wide. They are mostly rounded and partially smooth. Then they spend four weeks in a tumbler with different degrees of grit, culminating with a polish for the last week. The results are often remarkable, and always surprising.

(click on image for added detail)

53 thoughts on “Rock My World

  1. I have a similar fascination…especially if the rocks have lived near water. It makes packing and moving a little heavy. LOL. The one above is amazing. Where did you find it?


  2. Wow! That’s absolutely stunning!! After seeing the Lapidary demonstrations at my local crystal show, I’ve been fancying buying a tumbler myself! I’ve picked up lots of Carnelian over the years from my favourite beach, which I’m sure would polish up lovely! ♥


    • That would be interesting but alas, I am without that knowledge. There are some great colors for sure. Looks like peach, apricot, yellow, red, pink, and grey to me.


  3. very nice, great photo… a rock roller myself, keeping a couple of tumblers going these days. Off to the beach here on the central Oregon coast this afternoon, there has finally been enough wind and wave events to stir up the gravels some. Looking for that elusive 30 pound agate…


    • Yes, it is certainly a process. We do ours in the basement but we can still hear them throughout the house (muted and doable). Nice to hear from you and thanks.


  4. Wow, Mike. Is this the maiden voyage for the tumbling? This one is a real beauty! I can imagine your excitement when you see the results. This reminds me of a Japanese “mountain” drawing in color. It’s absolutely beautiful, and you’ve photographed it perfectly. A man of many talents, you. 🙂


    • Well, it’s the maiden post of my 40 years of tumbling rocks.
      Thanks for liking it. I never know with a new subject like this if there would be interest.
      It is one of my favorite rocks but they really all have a unique character. Speaking of unique characters, It is good to hear from you.


  5. Oh wow! This is stunning. Such beautiful colors and patterns, and you photographed it so well. I am a collector of rocks (I think that’s why all my pockets sag), and would like to give tumbling a try someday.


    • I have rocks all over my house. I seldom come home without one, and most are not able to be polished and end up just laying about.
      Thanks, Robin.


  6. I used to collect rocks of all kinds as a kid…still have shoeboxes of them stashed around! Always loved the one with brilliant color which would polish up to a wonderful shine. This rock of your is really vibrant!! Those reds!! The romantic side of me sees a heart, the macabre side of me sees soaked up blood. Ouuu!!


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