28 thoughts on “Lost

  1. In a chapter of my life past I heard the words “fire” and ended up standing less thirty-feet from a big fire hosing down a propane tank to keep it “cool” till first responders arrived.It was winter but I had a sunburn from the intense heat of the fire. I had forgotten that till this post. I survived as I hope these folks did as well. Great capture my Brother.


  2. I like the treatment here. The trees are so fine! I really don’t know why the missing roof hits me first. It’s dramatic when it really shouldn’t be. Hmmm. You’ve confounded me. I can usually figure out why a feature in an image is so prominent, but not this one. Really fine edit! 🙂


  3. In my work as an attorney, I have been involved in the investigation of many fires–quite a few involving propane. I haven’t been on an inspection in a while, and I can’t really take photographs and post them when I do. But this very fine photograph brings to mind many days in my life.


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