Dusted Wheel

A cold and long winter has left a few soft images in its wake…

winter spokesThis light dusting kissed an old wheel that may have carried settlers in these parts…

winter wheelOld iron caresses this seasoned wheel. They have endured, and live quietly.

(click on images for added detail)

© 2014 Michael Fiveson

28 thoughts on “Dusted Wheel

  1. Beautiful image, I love the white snow against the old, weathered wood and rusted iron.
    “They have endured, and live quietly.” Love this.


  2. The art and craftsmanship that went into making wooden wheels has never ceased to amaze me.
    My attempts at carving, soaking, steaming and heat treating wood have never come close to such an enduring icon of modern man. This trade has been passed down for millenia, and is likely all but lost here in the ‘developed’ world. Great eye Mike…


    • Thanks. I didn’t have to look far, it’s my wheel. I bet there are some craftsman left who know exactly how
      these were made and are making them still.


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  4. By the time I get here, others have already said what I might have expressed. “Ditto” just doesn’t suit for a post / words as lovely as these.
    You picking up on what I’m putting down? (as we say in these parts)


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