Shooting Crystal

shooting crystalŠ 2014 Michael Fiveson

After a brief search I found a set of extension tubes that I once used frequently. I took one photo of a crystal and the addition of a flash provided the light I was hoping for. You didn’t actually think this title had anything to do with drugs, did you?

(click image for added detail)

32 thoughts on “Shooting Crystal

  1. Great color, that patch of blue is amazing.
    I rotated the picture counterclockwise and it looks like a fantastic sci-fi mountain range with a glacier at its feet. No alien pharmacologicals were misused in the process.
    Speaking of shooting crystal, I found some big chunks of quartz crystal once and made nice arrowheads out of them.


  2. The title didn’t make me think of drugs … but the photo did 🙂
    I don’t know what an extension tube is … but the end result of this image is gorgeous color


    • That’s funny as hell Laurie!
      Extension tubes come in a 3 set and are used to allow you way close to a subject. I used to use them professionally when I had a B&W custom lab and was copying zillions of old photos. I did that for 14 years.
      Thank you.


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