43 thoughts on “Day’s End

  1. I wanted to comment about the size of the boat and see that I am not the only one to think it seems small to be going out to sea. Bet that fresh fish was yummy!


  2. Another blog I must follow. I feel like I have fallen into Photography Heaven lately. Your work is fantastic! I am pushing the follow button. If I only had the time to really sit down with some of whose blogs I am following to ask questions… I am on this huge learning curve, teaching myself, and in looking what others are doing, I can “guess” how the photo was taken. But, to actually have a conversation over a cup of coffee… (sigh) Perhaps one day! Many Blessings, Amy


      • Your photography is stunning. Like I said, I am on this huge learning curve, which in of itself is both overwhelming and a lot of fun. Today for example, I am going to go outside in this starkness that we have here (snow and more snow and bare branches), and try a technique I read about last night. Then I might play with photoshop. You have NO idea how badly I wish Spring was here!!

        I look forward in learning from you. And oh, about life beating you up, I understand, believe me. The older one gets the more difficult it seems to get to keep on standing strong. It is all in the attitude. And of course a determination not to give up the hold on life I do have. I am in my 50’s (past the mid point) and I am just NOW beginning to bring all I have learned in life together in realizing my dreams. I have not a clue where I am going, but darn it, I do above all, PLAY with my camera.

        xxoo, Amy


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