30 thoughts on “Sea Bird

  1. Looks like a classic piece of water by an industrial area. Only seagulls seem to survive that environment. It could be a poster. Nice. Good juxtaposing. If I could see it’s relative size, it could tell if it’s a gull or a tern. From the beak, probably a tern … if it’s smaller than a gull, but lives in the same places. Terns look very different in flight than gulls, but very similar at rest.


    • Let’s go with a Terngull. That’s actually a road and beach you see in the background. Perhaps those are lifeguard towers back there (We did not travel on that beach as they wanted a chunk of change to enter that road)
      Thanks Marilyn.


  2. I don’t know the “photography” words to describe what I like about this … I have people use words like texture and I’m not sure if that is what I mean. It’s just different i a cool way and I really like it


    • I was his friend for a bit but there were many birds around and no doubt returned to his flock, or family, or however gulls roll.
      Was your friend with the lake a childhood memory?


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