Poppy Flower

poppy© 2014 Michael Fiveson

A small but colorful pop of summer,  taken last July in Colorado.

(click once, or twice, for added detail)


29 thoughts on “Poppy Flower

  1. OH my I love poppies. They are so lovely. I think we all had the same idea and needed to see some lovely flowers. I did the same thing this morning started looking at my flower photos and wishing Spring would get here quicker! 🙂


  2. I’m hoping that our golden California poppies arrive this year….so little rain. Thank you for brightening my day with your little red beauty.


  3. I see all your posts but just realized that for some reason I did not “like” any of them, even though I liked them. Maybe something’s wrong with my button. I hate when that happens. This post looks so different from your others- which is good. No rut for you. Though I never- or very rarely- take photos of flowers I can appreciate them. And yours is a nice reminder that spring is on the way!


    • So you are the reason I have fewer likes than I would like! Send for a like button repair man, it’s on me.
      I can do pretty, it is just not what I gravitate toward (with the exception of women, of course).
      Spring is indeed on the way, Much warmer here with all the snow melting and birds are chirping. Nice to hear from you, Emilio.


      • I think the button is ok. It’s the finger that has failed me. So, spring is in the air. And after that comes pretty women in their summer dresses. Maybe next winter will not be as bad for you with all the snow and rain and sleet and ice. Or maybe you should move to the southwest!


      • My son lives 70 miles from me. That’s all the distance I want from him, and perhaps too much at that. Get that finger working Emilio. Or not.


  4. This is a flower I don’t think we have in the tropics. I see it has stamens and a stigma, so it’s a “perfect” flower. Hi, I’m Maria, and I joined WordPress a month ago. I was looking for photography bloggers to follow, so I will start following follow you.


      • I don’t know Poppies at all, but plants have several methods of pollinating themselves; the wind is one method, but depending on the flower’s structure they may require bees and sometimes only ants can do the job because of how hidden the flower’s organs are. Pollination is one thing; it’s what the plant needs to yield fruit and seeds; seed dispersal is another thing; and can also be accomplished by the wind, birds, bats, and other animals that eat the plant. Plants can also propagate without seeds by rhizomes, which is called vegetative reproduction, such as Gingers do. The ‘perfect’ flower doesn’t necessarily mean it can self reproduce; it may still need pollinators, but it makes it easier for them. I’m also learning all these things. Thanks for following back.


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