last elegance© 2014 Michael Fiveson

Sitting on two lonely acres in south Texas is a remnant of a time gone by. What must have been a lovely home is survived by a chimney, with only an old shed for company.

(click image for added detail)


32 thoughts on “Remnant

  1. I get so full of angst when look at your photo and I imagine a family sitting near by, enjoying a night together. You can still see the roof line near the top. It is pretty large, so I’m sure it warmed the home well. Maybe it’s still a home for a critter or two, still providing a warm and safe place to go. It would be interesting to know what became of the family who called this land theirs…lost in time I suppose.


    • All families, and structures too, eventually give in to time and the elements. But I hear you, there is something poignant about the process and to see a site like this leaves much to the imagination and is sad to see. It is a very short life.


    • Not to be confused with the Spanish word albondigas, which of course means meatballs.
      Yes, shadow play is often appreciated, and sometimes an unwelcome guest. Like a mother-in-law, perhaps 😉


  2. While I usually wonder about the folks who used to live here, and many of us feel sad when seeing scenes like these, this photo is actually so appealing to me. Not sure whether it’s the color or the composition or the photographer 🙂 but I really like it!


    • Thanks, I really like it too. Very pleased with how it turned out and I think the shed and the chimney are good company. When the wind is blowing (almost always) they share whispers about times past, enjoying conversations about the children who grew up there, and missing most the sounds of laughter and play.


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