40 thoughts on “243

  1. Oh that is wonderful. Immediately puts me in mind of a senorita in her very early 20s with an overbearing father, owner of a large sunflower plantation who has chosen her husband. This door is on the house of her lover, the man who truly has her heart. 😉


  2. I like this! Love the texture in the door and the fact that this contrasts with NO texture in the wall (I suspect increase in contrast to remove all the detail from the wall….but I’m at risk of being totally wrong here) 😉


  3. I was wondering about that little square under the handle too, and like the idea of it being the passage way for Corona (more than one, of course). I just love that iron work at the top.
    A 20 Something Spanish Seniorita … 🙂


    • You are too cute Laurie. Not much gets past you, eh. I am a 20 something senor x 3. My full name is senor senior Miguel de Colorado.
      Mexico is known for great iron work as well as silver. And of course, Coronas too.


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