Puerto Vallarta

puerto vallarta hills© 2014 Michael Fiveson

Every Saturday in Lazaro Cardenas Park, Puerto Vallarta hosts a fabulous farmers market where local foods are free to taste, and available for purchase. Here one will find cheese, pastries, pies, salsas, and an abundance of arts and crafts, including some great glass work. (click on any image for added detail)

orange frog

green lizardJust beyond the park are the beautiful and lush hills, and one block the other way is the beach and ocean.

beach© 2014 Michael Fiveson

Perfect weather and great things to do in sunny and beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

30 thoughts on “Puerto Vallarta

  1. We spent Thanksgiving week there a few years ago. Loved the farmers’ market, the malecon, and the beach. Are you there right now or just dreaming of some balmy weather? 😉


  2. A good escape on a winter’s day.

    We only had two inches this morning, but plenty icy on both the interstate and main arterials. I suspect the local officials were using the natural approach to snow removal. They’re not too bad this afternoon.


  3. WOW, your photo is gorgeous. So much detail. What kind of camera set up is required to see such detail in the distance. I can see the tree tops on the horizon. The light rays are a beautiful touch too.


    • Well thanks, since you are the only comment on that particular photo (which I love). No special equipment, an older DSLR with just a kit lens, hand held. The processing is what bumps this one up….Topaz B&W effects, available real cheap to download. Of course I had to get a sharp well composed picture to pull it off 😉


      • Thanks for sharing that Mike, I’m going to look for that online, I love it. I did enjoy the composition too, The darker bandstand on the lower left anchors it all and is balanced by the stepped buildings up the right…like a backwards L…really really nice.


      • Thanks Boomdee. You will love the software, but know that it becomes a filter (extension) on whatever version of photoshop you might have.


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