44 thoughts on “Burned Homestead

  1. Victor took the word right out of my mouth. Wow! You just keep getting better and better. Is this a new photo or something from your archives? The reason I ask is that I would figure you’ve shot everything in your state by now. Colorado, right?


    • Yes, Colorado and it was taken last summer in the town of Buena Vista. I have shot almost everything within a 20 mile radius of me, that is true, but Colorado is a big place.
      Thanks for this generous comment Emilio.


      • As an exercise, I read that you should drive 50 miles from home and take the first turn off after that and then start shooting. I tried that yesterday and came to a dead end, no homes, no nothing but a wire fence. I did take some photos of that but they are pretty unusable, I think.


      • 50 miles is a wide arc. I certainly have been in all directions at least 50 miles. In the summer when
        I can hop on my motorcycle my shooting tends to get more prolific as does my adventure and discovery.


  2. Probably fell asleep with a cigarette after a night of indulging in moonshine. Your photo reminds me, I can only stay away from Colorado so long before the mountains call me back 🙂


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