Pastel Building

pastel building© 2014 Michael Fiveson

Layers of yesteryear peel and erode, and in so doing become something new and lovely.

(click on image for added detail)


44 thoughts on “Pastel Building

  1. fantastic photo Mike – just shows what gets covered up with paint. Many years ago I bought an old house that had a black painted fireplace in the dining room, my wife hated it and one day she set to work scraping off the black paint. When I got home from work I was amazed – it was covered in stunningly beautiful hand painted tiles! Just shows that some people don’t appreciate what they have.


      • Thank you for letting me know you posted it, although I would have preferred that you ask first. A common courtesy, me thinks.


      • I’m not unhappy with it, and if you would have re-blogged it I would have been fine. Once you take it out the WP realm, and into your own, it becomes a little different. I do thank you for giving me the link and I certainly am not accusing you of anything devious.
        Bottom line, no worries, and thank you.


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