Open Meadow

open landĀ© 2014 Michael Fiveson

A warming peek at last summer to help me get through this winter. Open range in my home state of Colorado creates a peaceful look at nature’s bounty.

(please click on image for more detail)


37 thoughts on “Open Meadow

  1. The sun on the mountaintops really does look inviting. Have you ever been out there at dawn (I’m assuming this is afternoon/evening)?


  2. I find the colour of that short growth all around really interesting – it has a distinct blue tinge. What is it, and how come it’s so … ahh …low? (Forgive the ignorance of an Aussie.)


    • I think it is….I have no idea.But I can attribute some of the color to the afternoon light, and shade. Call on me again when I have no idea, which is most of the time.


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