Door Carving

door carving© 2014 Michael Fiveson

A fine and intricate door carving found in Mexico. (please click for added detail)


24 thoughts on “Door Carving

  1. There’s a home decorated in Canada, her name is Sarah Richardson. Her trade mark is to take vintage and antique architectural elements and incorporate them into a new home or room. Wouldn’t this piece be nice for that sort of project. Love it.


  2. Mike do you know if the carving represents a particular person? Looks almost angelic and what about that pine cone like hair topping? You may not have the answers but I find the shot intriguing.


  3. Looks a little like Edgar Allan Poe, except for the wings and the pine cone. When you guys are ready to rescue it, let me know. I can drive getaway!


    • The door itself seemed quite old and is falling apart. I would guess that this was part of the original door. I would also guess that the owner would say yes to an offer of a new door and you and I could make off with the old one. We would sell it at auction for hundreds of thousands and you would get enough for a new bike and I’ll buy a fine condo down there and be called el viejo. You will have open visitation rights and a stake in that condo.


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