stairwayยฉ 2014 Michael Fiveson

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37 thoughts on “Stairway

  1. I can almost picture the workers, building the railing by hand, talking as they lay the brick. The uneven finish a reflection of their lively conversation. I appreciate how your photos bring stories to mind; they are not just beautiful shots.


    • I see the same things, the slow but steady work done in the heat of day. The end result is not perfection, but is beautiful in a way that perfection could never be.
      Thank you Sue.


    • I almost called it stairway to heaven, as per LedZeppelin. Actually its the stairway to burritos and fresh fish as there are several restaurants at the top of those stairs.


  2. The shadows on the stairs are so playful! I’d have run up and down those stairs happily! (well unless they were too steep, and then I’d mosey ,..)


    • Yeah, they are not that steep but I still found myself in mosey mode. I was real happy with my mosey as I managed it for great distances. Happy Friday Laurie.


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