Pastel Window

pastel window© 2013 Michael Fiveson

The side streets in Puerto Vallarta are all on a hill and make for an interesting walk and a challenging photo shoot. But there is color and texture to be found on each block.


13 thoughts on “Pastel Window

  1. Mexico is truly a colorful place even though you may find something there that warrants a moodier treatment as you discover various nooks and crannies of the place! I did include you as a blogger who inspired me when I was feeling sick so the Very Inspiring Blogger Award is yours should you wish to have it. I find your easy style and daily views of simple things very comfortable and enjoyable!! Kind of helps with perspective.


    • Colors, ironwork, rust, pretty girls, noise, many restaurants. It was a great vacation on many levels and one that I will embrace for the rest of my days. It has made me wanting for more, and I grabbed many images also.


      • Isn’t it wonderful (and restoring) when a vacation turns out just the way you want, or even exceeds what you hoped for? I will look forward to more photos – I do love rust and ironwork -(now how many women say that? 🙂


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